4. Everybody's Favorite Movie Cops!

If you dig through BADTFL terminals, you'll find a log written by a policeman fed up with his co-workers' shenanigans. 

fallout easter egg

What are his fellow officers' names? WILLISon and GIBBS(on). Get it? Bethesda is calling out our favorite foolhardy cops, John McClane and Martin Riggs (played by Bruce Willis in Die Hard and Mel Gibson in Lethal Weapon). It's a nice tribute to the men who taught us how to cause excessive property damage and destruction in the pursuit of justice.

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5. Jake from Blues Brothers

It's about time Bethesda showed movie criminals some love. The BADTFL -- the source of most Fallout 4 easter eggs, apparently -- references another pop culture favorite: Jake Blues.

blues brothers

His personal effects match the list of personal effects he had when released from prison at the start of The Blues Brothers. Looks like he was stuck in jail when the bomb dropped. Hey, do you think St. Helen of the Blessed Shroud orphanage survived the blast?

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6. Thank God It's Just An Easter Egg from Alien And Not Any Other Type of Egg

fallout easter egg

Most of us, if we stumbled on this Flux Sensor, wouldn't make much of it and we'd force Dogmeat to carry it, but this item sparked Imgur user 1Times's interest so he looked closely at the inscribed number. After some googling, he learned the number matched the registration number of the Nostromo ship from Alien, linking this item to the spaceship Ripley blew up to kill the Xenomorph in 2122, 100 years before Fallout 4 takes place.

fallout easter egg

Could this item have survived the explosion and fallen to Earth? Crazier things have happened. Like Jake Blues (aka John Belushi) living to be 128 years old before dying in a nuclear bomb explosion.