1. Quint's Death in Jaws

fallout easter egg

With a mutant dolphin and a skeleton, Bethesda recreated the unforgtettable scene from Jaws when Quint slides into the shark's mouth and becomes the homicidal fish's Easiest Meal Ever.

fallout aster egg

Unsure if this is a reference to Quint's death? Check out his signature blue bandana lying nearby on the deck.

fallout easter egg

This NPC's death is slightly less tragic than Quint's because being eaten alive by a mutant dolphin is probably one of the better deaths in the wasteland. Also, it's hard to get down when you stumble on this scene while blasting doo-wop.

via SirMrDrPotatoJr


2. Rust Cohle from Season 1 of True Detective

Rust Cohle's "time is a flat circle" philosophy is so nutty, it even makes the Brotherhood of Steel uncomfortable.

fallout easter egg

The Brotherhood's concern over Cohle's excessive substance abuse is a funny reference to the first season of True Detective when Matthew McConaughey downed more beers during a police interview than I did during my entire time at college.


via TrueAnarchist42 and aaronpauler


3. Fenway's Red Seat

Boston is maniacal about sports so it makes sense that Fallout 4 would feature at least one major Red Sox easter egg. They made Fenway Park the central city of the Commonwealth and included the stadium's famous red seat, that redditor Sporkfortuna kindly points out here (it's easier to spot when all the seats aren't rusty wreckage):

fenway red seat

The red seat marks the spot where Ted Williams hit the park's farthest home run in 1946.