1) Ron Perlman granted a wish as Hellboy in 2012



When the Make-a-Wish foundation contracted a special effects company to fulfill a request to "meet" Hellboy, they weren't supposed to get Ron Perlman to appear, after all why bother getting a celebrity if they're going to be covered in prosthetics? But the team at Spectral Motion figured that there was harm in asking for the most authentic experience and the actor was absolutely willing to get in the makeup chair for fans Caleb and Zachary.




Mr. Perlman also bought burgers, fries, and milkshakes for the kids, their families, and the hardworking makeup artists who made the day possible. Not bad for a guy who's walking around with the Right Hand of DOOM.


Hellboy Make a Wish


2) Tony Stark presented a kid with a working prosthetic Iron Man gauntlet... even if the boy knew his real name is really Robert Downey Jr.



Robert Downey Jr. teamed up with Limbitless Solutions (and cough cough Microsoft Word) to present a kid named Alex with his own Iron Man-inspired custom 3D printed bionic arm. Despite the very in-character demeanor and official "Stark Technologies" cases, Alex was still capable of distinguishing movies from reality



3) Chris Pratt donned the Star Lord costume and visited a charity that provides housing for the families of children battling cancer

chris pratt


... because he lost a Super Bowl bet with Chris Evans

chris pratt

We covered the now legendary smack-talking twitter war that led to this moment, needless to say that everyone from the kids to the PR teams won out in the end. Yes the only losers from this exchange were the Seattle Seahawks.