1. Moments after she was formally revealed in November's Nintendo Direct, fanartists like Kuvshinov Ilya started paying homage to Linkle, a female counterpart to Hyrule's hero of time.



2. For years, fans have been clamoring for a kickass girl protagonist (besides Zelda) and the dual wielding Hylian seems to scratch that itch. (slight redesign by liyart)

guns guns


3. Many started building compelling fan theories about the character like challengerapproaching.

tingle link fan theory


4. Illustrators in Japan were drawn to the character's energetic spirit and cute design (such as this work by MIYO).

linkle hello


5. Other artists... NOT SO MUCH

wow guys linkle porn


6. The cosplay community is already sewing like mad to meet demand, but Twiliheart seems to have beaten them to the punch.

linkle cosplay


7. For fans of the original Link design, she's merely offering more for us to love (according to this comic from frantabulosa)


linkle comic

pleased to meet you cia hyrule warriors


8. While others are less excited... (image via doopiedoover)



9. Personally? We're just fans of Dual-Crossbows (images by aipiepo and toonimated)




10. Let's be honest, there's nothing that this character could do to "ruin" The Legend of Zelda that Nintendo hasn't already done on its own... (illustrations by iancsamson and Daiksquid)

excuuuuse me princess
cdi linkle