6. Lone Wanderer

When redditor TheRybka came across this old red motorcycle in Fallout 4, he noticed a small nod to Fallout 3. Look closely at the name of the bike.

lone wanderer

It's hard to see so I adjusted the brightness and zoomed in.

lone wanderer

The wasteland motorcycle is appropriately named Lone Wanderer, which was also the name of the Fallout 3 protagonist. 


7. G.O.A.T. Test

Feeling lost without the G.O.A.T.? Take a trip to the town of Covenant where you'll be forced to pass a test to prove you're a "good" person. What's the test? A repurposed G.O.A.T. A man named Swanson sits you down and asks you modified G.O.A.T. questions. And with his leather jacket and coifed hair, he looks like he belongs in the Tunnel Snakes.

Here's a youtube video in case you hate surprises and love spoilers:


8. Chalkboard from Good Will Hunting

good will hunting

If you're spending most of your time in the Commonwealth hunting for Good Will Hunting easter eggs, then you're in luck. Within the Cit Rotuna, you can find the greatest work of Will Hunting. And I don't mean the mop job he did -- I mean, look at how clean this place is, you could eat off the floor (as long as you're a cannibal who's immune to radiation).

Check out the symbols on the chalkboard.

good will hunting

It's like Will Hunting is there, yelling in your face: "You like easter eggs? Well, I got her number, so how do you like 'em easter eggs?"

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Like Fallout 3, Fallout 4 has included many teddy bears you can find in interesting positions.


9. Gary! More like Bear-y!

fallout 4

These toy blocks spell out the name of Gary, everybody's favorite clone (or clones) from Fallout 3. In the previous installment, you could explore Vault 108, which was overrun by bloodthirsty Gary clones, the test subjects of a failed cloning experiment.

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10. Oh wow, this bus is stuffed.

bus driving bear

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11. Solitary confinement is unbearable

prisoner bear

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12. It's official, bears do not crap in the woods

toilet teddy

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