1. Seriously though, who is this?


 If Ludicolo and Cacturne starred in a buddy cop movie, Maractus would be the shoehorned love interest to make sure the film wasn't "too gay".


2. That's not a Pokemon, that's a human child with birth defects.


Try not to think about how disturbing Tyrogue's body is when you realize that technically, it's not wearing pants or shoes.


3. Least entertaining aliens since the series finale of "The X-Files"


Elgyem is pronounced "L.G.M." an acronym that means "Little Green Men". Use this mnemonic device before you, like every other Pokemon fan on Earth, forget this thing was ever created.


4. There are 8 (EIGHT!) butterfly/moth Pokemon, and this one's the most pointless

mothim pokemon

According to Smogon, everything this moth can do, Butterfree can do better. This isn't helped by the fact that they also think Butterfree SUCKS.