Let's face it: We're never, ever, ever getting a Marvel Zombies movie. Even if they figured out a way to do it without killing off their star cast (like an alternate zombie universe invading the Avengers world), Marvel would never have the balls to go with a full-on R-rating. The best we can hope for is an animated movie, and even that's an unlikely proposition. At least we have YouTuber Alex Luthor, who has put together a compelling and at times unsettling mash-up trailer that imagines what a Marvel Zombies movie might look like. It looks pretty bad for everyone, Iron Man and Spider-Man included. You can almost see the scenario where the unpowered Black Widow and Hawkeye are set against an entire squad of zombified capes. 

Ah, if only. For now, we're basically going to have to settle for Pride and Predjiduce and Zombies and maybe a slim chance of a Blade reboot.