The Pokemon Company announced plans to open an Interactive "Pokemon Expo GYM" in Osaka, Japan starting November 19th. Before you start booking your trans-pacific flight with 3DS in tow, please be aware that it's an edutainment pop-up exhibit and that your presence would most likely be akin to kicking down the door at a children's museum and demanding to fight the Head Scientist.


pokemon gym
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The main attraction of this endeavor seems to be these motion-tracking stations in which visitors are encouraged to interact with Pokemon and their trainers through several intense training regiments such as:


1. An introductory course about Human-Charizard relations

charizard display
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2. Becoming a backup dancer for Smeargle's promo video

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3. A physical therapy session with Machamp? This is getting weird already

physical therapy
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4. Defense against the Dark-Types with Zoroark

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5. Strength training with Lucario- wait is that Kinect under the screen? Is this even legal?

lucario training
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6. Boost intelligence with Gardevoir and Krookodile

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7. Lastly, play Pokemon Bowling with Shinx and Abra

abra shinx pokemon bowling
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In addition to the games (which will run about $3-$5 per session) the premises are also littered with AR hotspots that work with an official Pokemon Expo App in order to summon a virtual Pikachu.

pikachu expo app
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Unfortunately this Pokemon Gym is lacking the one thing every true fan knows belongs there: a weird adult with less than 6 under-leveled pokemon who are of the same type that can be easily swept before you take their badge.


Shame, really.