The date of October 21st, 2015 has been burned into the minds of every pop-culture fan who saw Back to the Future: Part II. In 1989, it represented an impossibly far-flung tomorrow, and as time rolled on and the date grew closer it became this bizarre secular touchstone, a time to share in our collective cultural present and all the years in-between. The day has finally arrived and here's some of the cool things we've seen so far: 


1. Marvel posted this variant cover of their favorite Time Traveler + Smart Aleck duo:

link to post


2. USA Today published a replica of their iconic / plot-centric cover page:

usa today back to the future

usa today cover


3. Rocket League made their DeLorean DLC pack available for download:


4. Apple made sure every Siri-capable device was ready to celebrate with these responses:

siri ck to the future



5. Nike confirmed that they've unleashed a working pair of Nike MAGs 2015 with REAL POWER LACES:

power laces

this is real sneakers


6. Toyota released a 5-minute "film" starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd about how to power a car with garbage, a la Mr. Fusion:


7. A BttF Pop-Up Cafe Opened in Ikebukuro, Japan:

Back to the future

japan cafe BttF Cafe



8. Michigan State Police proved they uphold the laws of physics:

michigan back to the future
cops michigan police


9. got an earful as fans learned they had sold out of "Pepsi Perfect" early:

pepsi back to the future

bad bad bad reviews

pepsi bad reviews


10. Universal Pictures had this reminder about the reason for the season... buying blu-ray copies of the actual movies.


ALSO: Michael J. Fox's own Fox Foundation is currently running a drive to fund research for a cure to Parkinson's Disease

parkinsons fox foundation