WARNING: These videos contain some really upsetting imagery.



Tony the Tiger, beloved cereal mascot and bandana enthusiast has been co-opted by a group of corporate trolls who definitely seem to have the shit together. The "commercials" have professional grade animation, a full social media team, and a well designed website. "But wait, isn't this just some viral marketing pandering from Kellogg's?" you ask. Judging from the videos' subject matter (dealing with topics like terrorism, police brutality, and prostitution) that simply cannot be the case.



No group has emerged to take responsibility as of this writing, but here's our best guesses:

  1. That ole' rapscallion Banksy
  2. A militant Paleo diet collective
  3. The Trix Rabbit, having gone off the deep end
  4. Disgruntled animator who never got the cereal prize they wanted as a child
  5. Kellogg's itself, in a bold gambit to boost declining cereal sales.


We'll keep you updated as more info comes out (or if the entire operation is shuttered by a hoarde of lawyers so numerous that they will blot out the sun). In the meantime, stay safe out there and make sure you eat a complete breakfast.



Update: An eagle-eyed commenter on the Dorkly Facebook Page went through the domain registration info and found the main site was registered to Finnish artist Jani Leinonen, whose previous work is verrrrrrrrry similar in tone and subject matter.