Animator RubberNinja (formerly RubberRoss) has famously designed one of the cruelest, most twisted Mario Maker courses yet - entitled YOU ARE A MONSTER. What sets this level apart from the countless other insanely-difficult Mario Maker levels?

In this level, you are FORCED to sacrifice a dozen or so Yoshis - sending all of your dino friends to an untimely demise.


There. You've seen it. There's no way to save those Yoshis, right?


And it's not just "you can save a few of them." No, JayHez wouldn't settle for that. He wouldn't stop until he was able to save EVERY SINGLE YOSHI.

It isn't easy - but, dammit, doing the right thing never is.


God bless you, JayHez. You are a better man than...anyone who ever played Super Mario World.