On Friday August 28th, Falcon Toys released limited edition Han Solo Pop-Arts, which are individually wrapped imitation pop-tarts that emulate Han Solo's frozen-in-carbonite look. You know, in case your breakfast wasn't filled with enough peril and suspense.

Don't worry, Falcon Toys wasn't encouraging you to eat your favorite space rogue! The pastries are made out of resin and thus inedible.

pop arts

The internet has gone nuts for these "art/toys" due to their nostalgia appeal for Star Wars and the cavities of youth.

Here's a photo of a healthy Han Solo Pop-Art breakfast! With your Daily Recommended Intake of resin!

breakfast han solo

In case you weren't one of the lucky adult toy collectors (that's a phrase you don't hear a lot) to nab a Han Solo Pop-Art before they sold out, we've got some other Han Solo Carbonite products you should buy to fill that Death Star-size hole in your heart!


Han Solo in Carbonite iPhone 6 Case by TheDagobah

han solo carbonite iphone case


Han Solo in Carbonite Backpack by Entertainment Earth

han solo backpack


Han Solo in Carbonite Business Card Case by ThinkGeek

han solo carbonite


Han Solo in Carbonite Rug by ThinkGeek

han solo carbonite rug


Han Solo in Carbonite Mini Fridge by ThinkGeek

han solo carbonite fridge


Han Solo in Carbonite Ring by Paul Michael Design

han solo in carbonite ring


Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cub Tray by ThinkGeek

han solo carbonite ice tray


Han Solo in Carbonite Desk by Tom Spinas Designs

han solo carbonite


Han Solo in Carbonite Electric Guitar by Travis Stevens Guitars

han solo carbonite