1. The Big Show Surfs His Father's Casket


Death an injury are very real dangers for every professional wrestler. The specter of tragedy has hung low over the WWF/WWE for decades time and time again. You'd think, then, that the company would treat the subject with care and diplomacy. Thankfully -- beautifully -- you'd be wrong.

Few moments in wrestling history drive this tasteless point home better than the feud between literal giant The Big Show, and the late, great, figurative giant Big Boss Man.

boss man

After waffling him from villain to hero for the 96th time in his career up to that point, the WWF creative team decided The Big Show might need some pathos to really drive the change of heart home. Their method? To drum up some sympathy big giving Show's father some of that good, old-fashioned, terminal cancer. Of course, in reality, The Big Show's real father had passed on many years prior, making it perfectly acceptable to use his eventual death for mass entertainment.

And so they did, but not before Big Boss Man -- himself a sort of corrupt prison guard character -- used his crooked police contacts to savagely mock the tearful titans grieving. The ridicule continued for a while, before culminating in one of the greatest mental images, not to mention feats of athleticism, The Big Show has ever produced.

big show coffin

Backing up a minute -- Faux Papa Show's funeral (televised for apparently no reason) was predictably interrupted by Big Boss Man. His taunts blared through a novelty microphone strapped to the roof of the Blues Brothers' Bluesmobile -- standard issue for all high-ranking officers of the law -- which he used to stun The Big Show and the rest of the funeral goers before chaining the casket of the hour to its bumper. Less than pleased with this traditional display of funereal police honor, the bigger man dove on top of his father's receptacle as Big Boss Man dragged it away

Perhaps sometimes all you can do in the face of death and injury is laugh. Or at least do a slow-motion backflop onto cemetery grounds.