1. He's adorable



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2. He knows how to find joy in the simple things

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3. He's great at making new friends.

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4. And trying new things

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5. Sure, he's wildly incompetent

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6. And he lacks all subtlety. 

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7. But, he's complicated. He's good and bad. He's got a little angel and devil in him. 

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8. The only person cooler than Kronk is devil Kronk

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9. Despite his flaws, he's your favorite idiot.

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10. Also, he's the only character who acknowledges plot holes.

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11. That's why he got his own sequel: Kronk's New Groove

kronks new groove

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12. And why he's an inspiration to us all.



Yes, that's a man dressed as Kronk running the Disneyland Marathon!

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