Voice acting isn't the easiest job in the world (I mean, it's probably UP THERE) and for too long hardcore gamers have grumbled as big-name actors are brought in to play vital game roles when more experienced voice talent could have done a better job. Well after a solid year of mockery and "moon wizard" memes, Bungie has replaced Peter Dinklage with VA uber-mensch Nolan North in the role of "Ghost", the guiding cuboid to the Guardians of Destiny. Polygon has taken the trouble of putting the two performances side by side for the collective judgement of of the Internet and the results are kind of interesting. 



Personally, I'm not sure how to feel. I always justified Peter Dinklage's "subdued" performance as betraying an ulterior motive, like the little robot was purposely witholding information and never had our best interests at heart. Nolan North's Ghost sometimes comes off as "much less funny Wheatley from Portal 2" in a way. That's 100% just my subjective opinion, and we're eager to hear what you think... as soon as those of you who are still playing Destiny stop for even one second in your tireless quest for more Gjallarhorns.