5. Scarlet Witch and Vision fall in love, have kids

scarlet witch vision

Scarlet Witch is a reality-warping mutant witch who has trouble controlling her powers. Vision is a nigh-unstoppable android with an Infinity Stone in his forehead and a strange fondness for capes. Though a romance between the two seems like it would be relegated to only the most hopless of Tumblr shippers, in the comics Scarlet Witch and Vision really do get together. It looks just as weird as it sounds.
scarlet witch vision
Naturally, you'd think that this might lead to some problems when it came to copulation. Nevermind the fact that an android with sexual urges is strange, the reality is that Vision probably does not have a dick. But hey, that didn't stop Scarlet Witch from having gross-looking half-robot twin babies!
scarlet witch vision kids
Later on the storyline was written out of continuity, probably the moment after some editor realized just what the hell was happening. The retcon explained that the children were never real, just manifestations of Scarlet Witch's abilities; after realizing this, Wanda goes nanners and is more or less responsible for the deaths of Ant-Man and Hawkeye. It uh, took a while for her to recover.

Why Should We Expect to See It?

If you saw the second Avengers movie -- well first off, what a bummer. But you might remember the scene where the city in the sky is collapsing and Vision comes to Scarlet Witch's rescue

You saw that look, right? It's impossible not to read anything into that, considering their comic book relationship. The groundwork is laid, and we very well might see these two get together. It's not like Quicksilver is going to be around for some of that Lannister lovin'

4. Thanos is in love with Death (but he's got competition)


Death is a thing we'll all have to face one day and that idea plagues us, so we write about it. In writing about Death, we personify it, normally as a horrifying skeletal figure in a black robe. Marvel took that idea to the next logical step, and made Death a woman with a super hot bod who sometimes has a skull for a face. Yeah.
Death's body is so bangin' that she has all kinds of suitors knocking on her door, including Thanos, the reigning big bad of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Dude is so obsessed with his Death that at one point, he kills half the universe just to get her back. 
thanos death
Basically, all of Thanos' actions are centered around his quest to get out of the friendzone. Death is the only thing Thanos truly respects and admires, in all of existence, and it drives him to insanity that he can't have her. He doesn't want the Infinity Gauntlet for power -- he wants it for love. 
But Thanos has gotta get in line, because Deadpool's swooping in on Death.
deadpool death
Because of his regenerative ability, Deadpool can't stay dead. Sure, as a mad mercenary he dies plenty, but he always comes back. This has resulted in an interesting relationship with Death. Much like Thanos, Deadpool decided to dedicate his life to figuring out how to die.

Why Should We Expect to See It?

In Deadpool's case, there's not much explaining to be done. They can do everything and absolutely anything in a Deadpool movie because of the nature of the character. It would even make sense to give the character a suicidal arc if they make multiple films.
So what about Thanos? For that one, let's look back to his first appearance, in the mid-credits scene of the first Avengers movie.
Come on. Look at that shitty grin. The guy is at half-mast at the mere mention of "courting Death." To think this won't be a major factor in the impending Infinity War is like expecting Fox to make a good Fantastic Four movie.