11. Volvagia (Ocarina of Time) by hylianjean



12. Draugrs (Elder Scrolls Series) by Punished Props (again!)

draugers skyrim cosplay
photo credit Martin Wong Photography


13. Full Size Starcraft Marine 

photo credit: Dave Hendler


starcraft marine cosplay
photo credit: Martin Wong Photography


14. Skull Kid (Majora's Mask) by Amanda Brock

skull kid
photo credit: uncle_shoggoth


15. Raiden by maadderredd

photo credit: @ZachariusD 


16. Scizor and Bug Catcher by Frack Attack

scizor pax prime cosplay
photo credit: Prinny-Fun-Cosplay


17. RNGesus by @chrispysaid

photo credit: uncle_shoggoth


18. Dual FemSheps by QuasarCosplay and SixAmCosplay

photo credit: J Krolak


19. Annie and Tibbers (League of Legends)

league of legends tibbers cosplay
photo credit: @briancmorris


20. TheWitcher Cosplay Group with LeeAnnaVampEve Beauregard, and Nadyasonika

Ciri triss merigold the witcher yennefer cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo