We're still trying to get the proper credits up for this, so if you recognize yourself or a friend, send an email to jake.young(at)dorkly(dot)com and we will update the information as soon as humanly possible.


1. Destiny Guardian Lord Shaxx and Vex Goblin by Punished Props

vex destiny
photo credit: Dave Hendler


2. Splatoon Group with Pookie Bear Cosplay and Spoopiest Cosplay

splatoon cosplay pax prime
photo credit: David Ngo


3. Lissandra and Gnar (League of Legends) by BritTheBadger and MissMorganModeling

ice witch lissandra league of legends cosplay
photo credit: Martin Wong Photography


4. Gordon Freeman by TheFreemanChronicles

Gordon Freeman
photo credit uncle_shoggoth


5. Venusaur, Charizard, and Blastoise Gijinkas by Ellipses Cosplay

pokemon final evolutions form cosplay
photo credit: David Ngo


6. War Boy, Immortan Joe and Imperator Furiosa by Greg SmithRawrBomb and UrbanflowerDesigns

mad max fury road cosplay
photo credit by N8Zim.com 


7. Cold Hearted Romance by Danquish and Deanna

elsa subzero pax prime cosplay
photo credit: Martin Wong Photography


8. 1950's Bombshell Samus by Maddi McFly

1950s bombshell samus cosplay retro
photo credit: The Will Box


9. Bonnie and Springtrap (Five Nights at Freddy's) by Inuki Cosplay and @arttimoverne

five nights at freddys holy crap cosplay
photo credit: BabyCharmanderKeckleon


10. Crocheted Yoshi Wooly World Costumes by SmallRiniLady

yoshi wooly world
photo credit HollyGreenGames