1. Donald Trump 

trump pokemon

Mr. Mime: A goofy-haired clown obsessed with creating barriers.

Loudred: His greatest weapon is his loud, amplified voice.

Darkrai: The political establishment's worst nightmare with a gravity-defying combover.

Conkeldurr: Experience putting up buildings.

Aegislash: Quick to change stances if it means victory.

Emboar: Literally a huge pig who's great at making SICK BURNS.


2. Bernie Sanders

bernie sanders

Dugtrio: Has support at the grassroots level from ground-types (hippies).

Porygon-Z: Gained notoriety thanks to weirdos from the Internet.

Omanyte: Strangely adorable despite being a living fossil.

Delibird: Eager to give away presents like free college and single-payer healthcare.

Abomasnow: A frozen creature with a proclivity for grass... aka "the entire population of Vermont".

Jynx: Both unintentionally made large amounts of black women furious.


3. Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush

Vanillite: Milky, white, and flavorless.

Vanillish: The direct result of an organization really struggling for new ideas.

Vanilluxe: The third iteration of something you just saw two times before.

Braviary: All about that Red, White, and Blue.

Meowth: Really good at scrambling for gold.

Yanmega: A giant flying insect that could murder me, thus representing Florida.


4. Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton

Charmander: The most predictable, boring choice.

Kangaskhan: A mom who wields an impressive amount of power.

Jigglypuff: Grows angry and vengeful when the audience stops paying attention to her.

Mewtwo: Perceived as an omnipotent supervillain, but is probably just misunderstood.

Eevee: Constantly changing into different forms depending on what's in front of her.

Pikachu: Peaked in popularity in late 90's, has refused to go away ever since.


5. Bobby Jindal