After months and months of "gauging" interest with teasers and re-releases, it looks like Capcom has finally pulled the trigger on a full-blown Resident Evil 2 remake:


This is exciting news for a generation of gamers that was blown away by RE:2's cinematic story, iconic monsters, and revolutionary divergent plotlines. To celebrate this (hopefully) good news we gathered some cool-ass cosplays of our favorite B.O.W.s and the impossibly photogenic cops who hunt them. Enjoy!


We're still working to make sure everyone is properly credited, if you see yourself, a friend, or just recognize someone, send an email to jake.young@dorkly(dot)com


1. William Birkin (Second Form) by gai_JRS

birkin resident evil


2. Claire Redfield by Sheenah

claire redfield
photo credit: Henrickson


3. Leon and Claire by Gercho San and Claire Tankian

leon and claire

4. "Formal" Licker by pokopsichosis

photo credit: StupidLesson


5. Ada Wong by Vera Chimera

ada wong cosplay
photo credit: Andy Wana


6. Jill vs. Nemesis by Li Aurica and Darkness Man

photo credit: Moon Art Studio


7. Albert Wesker by Philippe Lauby Cosplay



8. Barry Burton and Moira Burton by TheALVINtaker

barry burton


9. HUNK by (unknown)

photo credit: Matt Howard


10.  Nemesis T-Type by Cris-Nemesis