Believe it or not, there was a time before the Internet. A chaotic and magical era when Blockbuster Videos dotted the strip malls and your main source of entertainment was your parents' basic cable package. When Cartoon Network started producing original programming, many on the schoolyard scoffed at the notion, swearing loyalty to the Nicktoons that had served them so well. Who knew back then that they were launching a series of animated shows that would change the Television landscape FOREVER...


1. Dexter and Dee Dee by Rafael de Guzman

dexters lab


2. "Dorks!" by Tovio Rogers

ed edd n eddy


3. Samurai Jack 3D Sculpt by Roumen Filipov 

samurai jack


4. Whatever Happened to Robot Jones? by 5targuitar



5. Cow and Chicken Tribute by Felipe Martini



6. Sheep in the Big City Plushie by Piquipauparro



7. Mojo Jojo by Leandro Massai

mojo jojo


8. Papercraft Billy and Mandy by Catell Ronca

grim billy mandy


9. Gem, Gemm, and Gemmy by Jack David Evans

ed edd


10. Johnny Bravo by sakimichan