4. Evil teddy bears are absolutely everywhere

teddy bear black ops

The "cute childhood toy possessed by a demon" was a trope long before Chucky rose to prominence, so it's not surprising that the trope is commonplace in other mediums. Even so, the sheer volume of evil teddy bears in video games is nothing short of alarming. The plush animals famously move of their own accord in various Call of Duty games

Far from picky, the little bastards are even in underplayed titles like Lost Planet 3. In this case, a giant teddy bear is encased in a block of solid ice. It's tough to see the outline, but those glowing red eyes of doom are unmistakable.

You can find lots of teddy bears in silly and/or compromising positions in Fallout 3, but one scenario in particular will actually make you afraid for the bears. Here you can see a couple little guys tied to the railroad tracks, waiting for death via a post-apocalyptic train that will never come.

fallout 3 bear

Though tied down, the pair have somehow managed to scrawl on a little sign, pleading for help. What kind of monster could be so heartless? Well, if we look directly across from them, up on the train platfo-- 

fallout 3 gnome

Oh. Oh god. Let's move on. NOW.

So ahem, uh, how about that exploding teddy bear with the red eyes in F.E.A.R. 3

Volatile plushies have become sort of a thing in games as of late. In 2015's Dying Light, you can find an interactable teddy bear that, when prodded, says "I love you."  But if you poke it enough, the bear tells you to "Leave me alone,"  "Don't touch me," and finally "You asked for it" before combusting

dying light bear

The cute/creepy juxtaposition is almost always super effective. It was used to great effect in the Silent Hill games. When you've got a series that trades in grisly psychological horror, tossing in a cuddly critter is extra unsettling. Robbie the Rabbit isn't a teddy bear, but his dead-eyed mascot stare is one of the most blood-curdling things in gaming.

silent hill room

Though Robbie is mostly known for his role in Silent Hill 3, he actually pops up in a couple places during the course of the sequel. In Silent Hill 4: The Room, you play as a guy who is trying desperately to escape his apartment, which is slowly turning into a portal to hell. It's sort of like Rear Window by way of H.R. Giger. Robbie doesn't show up in person, but you can see a balloon in his likeness floating outside the window

silent hill room

That's a neat nod, but Robbie's other cameo is what we're here for. When and if you decide to use a special peephole to spy on your female neighbor, you can spot a Robbie doll on her bed. 

Of course, you're pretty skeevy if you want to creep on this woman to begin with, so eventually you're punished with this

silent hill room

What was once a harmless stuffed animal is now a bloody mess. And Robbie's outstretched paw is pointing at the peep hole. Right at you. At us.

silent hill room

You may want to take this time to soak any toys you have in gasoline and burn them in the nearest aluminium trash can. Good luck ever feeling safe again, though.