This article contains MILD SPOILERS for the featured games. Batman: Arkham Knight is the newest game on the list, but the easter egg is convienently located in the beginning of the story. 


8. The Witcher 3's demonic statues

witcher 3

The Witcher 3 has been hailed as one of 2015's finest games, in large part thanks to its immense explorable world. Even better, developer CD Projekt Red took the time to fill out its sprawling expanse with tons of optional material you'd actually want to play. Badass bounty hunter Geralt is way too busy monster killing and treasure hunting to go fantasy bowling with his shitheel cousin. 

A lot of these sidequests task you with taking down hideous creatures or ghastly specters, but something even spookier lies off the beaten path. After completing a mission in Velen, you can go back to the scene for an especially disturbing easter egg. Keep an eye on the statues.

In those fleeting seconds that Geralt ran into the building, those statues moved several feet. You might think it's a glitch at first, but it's a hell of a coincidence that they're both staring right at you. And if you turn your camera away from them, the statues turn to face you

Even if you haven't pinched off a turtle head in your pants already, it should still be clear that these aren't ordinary angels. They're Weeping Angels, as in, the horrific creatures from Doctor Who. According to DW, they're "the deadliest, most powerful, most malevolent life-form ever produced." 

weeping angels

Of all the various pop culture references in Witcher 3, the Weeping Angels have the most terrifying implications. These guys don't jump out at you or slowly glide towards you bellowing "EXTERMINATE!" They don't even kill you -- they just touch you when you're not looking, and send you back in time. Then the angels feed on the empty hole your absence has made in the timestream, slurping up the life you should have lived.

Speaking in video game terms, the Weeping Angels are like your little cousin who overwrites your latest save and sets you back five hours of game time. And there's nothing scarier than that.


7. Batman: Arkham Knight has a disturbing secret intro

arkham knight joker

Batman Arkham City ended with the death of the Joker (complete with bone-chilling post-mortem voicemail), and the sequel starts soon after. When you boot up a new game of Arkham Knight, you're treated to the sight of Joker's body being prepared for cremation to the tune of Frank Sinatra's peppy rendition of "Under My Skin." In a clever twist, the game actually waits for you to press a button to start the incinerator. 

It's a fitting end for a beginning. Tasking the player with the job of putting that demon to bed does a fine job of setting the tone for the rest of the game. If you you decide to start a New Game Plus after you've finished the main story, you'd probably expect to see the exact same intro. But this time, when you press the button to start the incinerator, this happens:

Jesus Christ! It's almost as though Joker was only assumed dead, and the crematorium workers mistakenly burned the Joker alive. It's really worth watching the full video, if only to hear Joker's screams of unimaginable pain transform into a guttural guffaw. He always did insist on getting the last laugh.