1. Hawkeye and Ant-Man: The Secret Best Team-Up Ever

hawkeye antman

There's already an established pantheon of the World's Finest superhero teamups. You've got Batman and Superman, Wolverine and Colossus, Gambit and Axe Body Spray. Often overlooked, however, are the underrated duo of Hawkeye and Ant-Man. Separately, the two have been the butt of a lot of jokes over the years, but together they pack more punch than the Hulk wearing those giant foam Hulk fists. 

It all started back in Avengers #223 by David Michelinie and Greg Larocque, when Scott Lang and Clint Barton ran into each other at a carnival. By comic book law, any superheroes who meet by coincidence are then legally bound to team-up to foil the nefarious plans of nearby goons. In this case, Taskmaster had planned for a large airborne bomb to blow up in the middle of a large crowd, but Ant-Man had a brilliant idea:

hawkeye antman

Could Hawkeye have nipped the bomb wire with an arrow using his expert marksmanship? Probably. Could Ant-Man have snuck onto the bomb beforehand? If the writer put him at the right time and place, sure. But by utilizing the strengths of these two also-ran superheroes, they became more than the sum of their parts. If you type in "why should I read comic books" into a search engine, the very first result will be "getting to see someone shoot a human being on an arrow to defuse a bomb in mid-air." 

The concept in itself is so perfect that it's been used in other mediums, like the Avengers cartoon.

I'm not going to say we should all riot if this scene doesn't eventually make it into an Avengers movie, but maybe we should make a collective pact to hold our breath and pass out until Marvel gives in.