The miracle of life apparently has splash damage.


1. The Squirting Cucumber "Ecballium elaterium"

This variety of cucumber is poisonous to eat, but has been used in Turkey as an effective treatment for sinus infections.



2. Touch-Me-Nots "Impatiens capensis"

In folk medicine, the sap of the Touch-Me-Not can cure Poison Ivy.




3. Persian Silk Tree "Albizia julibrissin"

A resin in the pod melts at a specific temperature, letting loose the tension and flinging seeds meters away


4. Yellow Woodsorrel "Oxalis stricta"

If you find yourself stricken with a case of sudden-onset-scurvey, the Yellow Woodsorrel is an excellent source of vitamin C.



5. Violets "Violaceae"

Despite the popular rhyme, Violets come in many different colors besides blue.



6. Exploding Cucumber

Though grown mostly for its explosive novelty, this time bomb is actually edible.