3. Disney's obscure 80s horror movie features rapid aging and child decapitation

something wicked this way comes

Disney probably doesn't want you to see Something Wicked This Way Comes. Based on the Ray Bradbury novel of the same name, the movie isn't available to rent, buy or stream on any digital platforms. As of now, the only way you can watch the movie is via DVD, but at this point building a time machine is probably more convienent than getting up off the couch and swapping discs.

The movie centers on young lads Will and Jim as they contend with a sinister carnival run by Mr. Dark. Like most real-world carnivals, Something Wicked is a mixture of horror and fantasy, right up to the ghastly Indiana Jonesian death of the villain.

But to experience the most traumatic this movie has to offer, we actually have to jump back to the middle of the movie. When Will and Jim are trying to escape the carnival, they run into one of its many visual tricks: A kid getting his head chopped off by a guillotine

This is a Disney movie, after all, so we only get an obscured view of the decapitation. It's not like there's any way they'd show us the severed head of a chi--

something wicked death

Wow. That certainly is a freshly-decapitated head of a 13-year-old, complete with copious amounts of neckblood. Even if you consider the fact that Something Wicked was made before the PG-13 era, this is a little much. You can't really get away with chopping kids' heads off in R-rated movies in 2015


2. Animal murder around every corner

bambi and his mom

Despite the lofty place that Bambi's mom holds in the Disney Death canon, it's easy to forget that we don't actually witness her die. All we hear is that deafening gunshot, followed by an eerie silence. We don't even get to see the body -- Bambi just takes it at the word of deer ol' dad that mom is gone for good.

In case you were unclear as to what happens when someone points a gun at an animal and pulls the trigger, Disney made sure to depict that sequence of events in its entirety later on in the film. 

Animals are fair game in Disney movies. Even when they're walking, talking characters that clearly have thoughts and feelings, they're seen as expendable just because many humans would find their corpses delicious. Aside from a handful of exceptions, animal deaths are unceremonious at best. 

In the vibrant world of The Little Mermaid, where the newt play de flute and carp play de harp, shrimp are eaten like no big deal.

That little guy is definitely alive, has a soul, and is in excrucaiting pain as it's torn apart by Ursula's significant mandibles. But then she swallows, and the movie continues, unconcerned about the plight of this poor creature.

A lot of people point to the brutal dinosaur battle in Fantasia as one of Disney's most violent moments, but we shouldn't forget about what happens afterwards: The dinosaurs die out. Deprived of resources, the dinos squabble over pools of dry mud for what little moisture it may contain. Together, all sorts of species trudge along the hopeless death march. One by one, the herd thins. 

Do you remember the character who died in Lady and the Tramp? No, not Trusty the bloodhound; though he was originally set to die after being injured in the climactic chase, ol' Walt saved him from the chopping block. No, the one implied death of the movie is at the pound.

lady and the tramp nutsy death

Nutsy trots by the other dogs in the pound, oblivious to the fact that he's on the way through what's described as "the one-way door." What we don't see is the horrible moment of realization, as Nutsy realizes that he's about to be killed by the human he trusted. But hey, at least they got that iconic spaghetti scene in there.

Worst of all might be Tarzan, in which a baby gorilla is eaten by a leopard in the opening minutes.  

Not in one million years would Disney ever allow a human child to die like that in a cartoon. Even though these are the kinds of gorillas that walk and talk and seem to have intelligence on par with humans, they're disposable afterthoughts. 

If you think the baby gorilla is bad, this last one is that times twelve.