Sure, there are already a TON of LEGO-ized game franchises - Star Wars, Marvel, Indiana Jones, and more...but it's not enough. It's NEVER enough. No, we need Portal, Skyrim, BioShock, Counterstrike and more.

Hell, this isn't even a joke - this is legitimately an incredibly great idea. Take these already fun, well-done games and give them a LEGO overhaul, with simpler graphics and the goofy humor that comes along with everything being made out of bricks. Are there modders out there working on this now? HOW IS THERE NOT A LEGO SKYRIM MOD YET?!


Hats off to AndrewMFilms for teasing us with such wonderful images that we will never get to fully experience. For real though, someone make all of these mods ASAP. Please.