As you might be aware, Community's 6th season resurrection has been airing on Yahoo (and it's still pretty good!). And this season, like many seasons before it, Dan Harmon 'n crew made another episode centered around paintball madness overtaking Greendale - this time with a noir/spy theme, entitled "Modern Espionage."

But most excitingly, they included a scene directly nodding to 2014's Captain America: The Winter Solider, a movie which - not so coincidentally - was directed by former Community directors, The Russo Bros. (and included a cameo from Abed). Dean Pelton enters an elevator, which very oddly starts filling up with more and more people, all acting verrrry suspisciously until the tension reaches a breaking point - although sadly, the Dean doesn't have a shield on his back when it's happening.


And if you wanted to check out the (still great) Captain America scene, here it is: