5. Everything in Ed, Edd N Eddy

ed edd and eddy easter egg

Of all the strange, off-center shows in Cartoon Network's roster, Ed, Edd N Eddy has to be one of the weirdest. Most of its quirks are charming, like the fact that an inanimate wooden plank named Plank is a prominent character (and maybe even alive) -- but look closer and you can find some disturbing details. You might have already noticed Edd's girly mags "Chix" and "Jiggy Jiggy," but take note of the tissue box. And now try to forget what those crumpled tissue wads might contain.

Two lettered Ed is behind the times, as he can be seen boning up on what to with his sweaty palms:

ed edd and eddy easter egg

The biggest smoking gun, so to speak, is the post-it reminder on the bathroom door.


It's a bit blurry, but the note reads "Don't touch yourself." Thanks, Cartoon Network, for the constant reminders that these 12 year-old characters are exploring their bodies in new and disgusting ways. 

4. R-Rated movie references -- you know, for kids!

ed edd and eddy easter egg

It goes without saying that all of these shows are made by grown-ups who are old enough that they can totally go to the 7-11 and buy at Slurpee at 2am if they wanted to. Every one of these creators is no doubt influenced by art meant for all kinds of demographics, even stuff for adults. But the key is knowing where and how to show your influences -- when Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends puts three characters from The Big Lebowski on the screen, they're referencing a movie that has no less than 260 uses of the word "fuck." 

The show Arthur has transgressed in this way on several occasions. Besides that infamous South Park anal probing bit, one episode features a haunted locker with a very particular number: 

ed edd and eddy easter egg

"237" is a direct reference to The Shining, the horror movie in which a room numbered 237 contains a naked zombie witch that is hiding somewhere in every dream you've ever had. 

Then there's this episode of Clarence, which has a conspicuous pizza laying on a roof...

ed edd and eddy easter egg 

...which would seem to hint that Walter White lives in the neighborhood. Breaking Bad fans know what we're talking about.

Taken on their own, each of these individual details are harmless; otherwise they wouldn't get past the censors. But once you take into account the context of these easter eggs, these cartoons all exist in a world where naked zombie ghouls yell "fuck" while high on premium grade blue meth. Rated TV PG.


3. Straight-up boobs (Oggy and the Cockroaches)


You might not have heard of Oggy and the Cockroaches, but nobody can blame you. We could go over the plot of the series, which involves a cat constantly under assault by a trio of hostile insects, but it's way too late for that. You saw the word "boobs" and skipped down to this last image. 

oggy easter egg

Earlier in 2015, an episode of Oggy aired that contained an image of what appears to be a topless frog lady. News hit the internet soon after, and following complaints from thoroughly scandalized parents, Nickelodeon pulled the episode and eventually the series altogether. As bizarre and misguided as it might seem for a show to slip in lopsided frog boobs into a kids' cartoon, all of your questions are answered with three words: It's from France. 

Something about that art style does seems strangely familiar. It almost looks like something straight out of Rocko's Modern Life...