Speaking of - bounty hunters. The bounty hunters introduced in Empire Strike Back look so cool - and there's so much implied about that group. THIS is the group that fucking DARTH VADER - who at this point is basically commanding all military operations for the entire fucking EMPIRE - goes to when he needs to get shit done. Yep, instead of assigning this to anyone working for the Empire, he goes and subcontracts out to this weird group of bounty hunters: Boba Fett, IG-88, Bossk, 4-LOM, and Dengar.

What's their deal? As the five baddest bounty hunters in the galaxy (which you'd HAVE to be if Darth Vader's calling you up), this group has to have a complicated history with one another. Getting a chance to explore that aspect in a canon film could be pretty wonderful (yes, like pretty much all of this, the EU has its own versions of these stories, but we can safely assume they won't have IG-88 merging his consciousness with the second Death Star).


5. Another non-Jedi Star Wars movie is always good


The Jedi are great and I love the concept of these weird intergalactic monk-warriors who carry around laser-swords and make rocks float. That's great - but the Star Wars universe is huge, filled with all kinds of neat characters and settings, and is too often bogged down by these hyper-powered god-beings. All of the canon films concern Jedis being Jedis, as do pretty much every game and series.

But we have gotten glimpses of the non-Jedi stuff throughout all of this, and it's pretty great - some of the best episodes of Clone Wars concerned factions of Clonetroopers, the best game character in Star Wars history is a murderous droid, and the best character in Star Wars period is a sass-mouthed smuggler who doesn't really give two shits about any of the operatic Jedi nonsense. The main films will likely always concern the bigger battles of Force-folks - thankfully, these Anthology films seem deadset on playing around with the non-superpowered beings in the galaxy.


6. They HAVE to hire Temuera Morrison!


Temuera Morrison really hit the jackpot when he was cast as Jango Fett - since George Lucas decided Boba's dad (or, uh, clone-source) would be the person that the entire Clone Army AND Boba Fett would get their DNA from, he's been able to stick around in Star Wars far longer than his 15ish minutes of screentime would lead you to believe, since every Clonetrooper on Clone Wars HAD TO LOOK LIKE HIM BY DESIGN.

And now there's Boba Fett - and unless they plan on him never ever taking off his helmet, they've more or less backed themselves into a corner of having to hire Temuera Morrison. It would require a very major retcon to a pretty recent film to hire anyone else - after all, Boba is an EXACT clone of Jango. It'd be more than a little weird if he looked like Hugh Jackman all of a sudden.

I'm actually kinda neutral on this point, but I'm happy for Temuera Morrison, who could probably use this gig, based on his IMDb profile.