Fair warning, this article contains minor SPOILERS for pretty every Marvel movie that came out BEFORE Avengers: Age of Ultron. Almost everything here is no big deal, but there's a pretty big one for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 on the next page. Like you were gonna watch that one anyway.


11. The Punisher saves the day (twice) in Captain America: The Winter Soldier


Movie rights to vigilante/professional grump The Punisher have been back at Marvel for a while now, but it seems like they're letting the air clear a bit before presumably making an awesome Netflix TV series. But we might've already seen Frank Castle in the established Marvel Cinematic Universe, as there's ample evidence that he's the guy driving this yellow truck in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

This Pennske truck wipes out the bad cops that are chasing down Nick Fury in an early chase scene. Note that the truck hardly takes any damage at all, almost like it's re-inforced with extra armor.

On top of that, later on we see SHIELD agent/HYDRA traitor Jasper Sitwell get splattered by what looks like a very similar yellow truck.

When asked about this conspicuous coincidence, co-director Joe Russo said this:

The man who drives that truck (...) is very highly trained. He thinks on his own terms. He's got a plan and a very specific skill set.

That would seem to line up with The Punisher pretty well. Granted, Frank is more likely to go after mob-level creeps like Kingpin as opposed to middle-management types in shadowy organizations. On the other hand, Castle has a historical relationship with SHIELD and especially Nick Fury, so it's not out of the question that Fury would call in a favor in trying times. 

Without a clear view of what are probably badass skulls on the truck's mudflaps, this cameo veers a little close to fan theory territory, so let's get to the hard stuff.


10. Loki's secret naughty words


When Loki calls Black Widow a "mewling quim" in the first Avengers movie, it just kind of rolls over you. There's no time to consider whether the God of Mischief just compared someone to a fancy woodwind instrument that makes cat sounds, so you just accept that Joss Whedon spent too much time with an online thesaurus. 

But this particular piece of dialogue reveals more of Loki's true character. Incensed by Black Widow, he calls her a "mewling quim," which translates to... 


..."whiny cunt." Loki might be a charming bastard, but sometimes you forget that deep down, he's a real shitheel.  Calling a woman a "mewling quim" is an awful, vindictive thing to say, which makes it all the sweeter when B-Dubs tricks Loki into revealing his plan soon afterward. 

Be sure to listen closely in Avengers: Age of Ultron, where the Hulk uses Pig Latin to call Iron Man a festering scrotal pimple. 


9. Secrets all over the Daredevil Netflix series


Dopey red suit aside, the new Daredevil TV series on Netflix is actually pretty good. The fight scenes are fantastic, the cast is mostly likable and overall the show doesn't feel like it cheats you by making the whole season an origin story. It's got the kind of quality you've come to expect from Marvel, including the fun easter eggs.

A lot of the secrets seem to hint towards what might come in the second season. For instance, in an Episode 10 flashback, a young Foggy mentions a "greek girl" that Matt was hung up on...


...which is a pretty clear reference to Elektra, the sometimes-villain who just happens to be Matt Murdock's ex-girlfriend from college. The fact that this mystery girl is Greek in particular solidifies the Elektra connection. Looks like we can all look forward to Marvel finally introducing another powerful and compelling female character (and then instantly killing her off). 

Also potentially coming soon is Daredevil archnemesis Bullseye, as indicated by this playing card owned by one of Kingpin's snipers...


Playing cards have been Bullseye's schtick before Gambit learned to say "mon'amie," so it stands to reason that ace of spades isn't there for flavor. That said, it's a bit tougher to say whether that's actually Bullseye in the episode, or if that's just a wink to fans. 

Either way, this was a bit less ambiguous...


Off to the left in the armor designer's workshop you can see what are clearly legs belonging to Stilt-Man, one of the lamest/most brilliant Marvel villains ever. Unlike Elektra and Bullseye, it seems a touch improbable that we'll ever see ol' Stilty on TV. 

You might have given up looking for the traditional Stan Lee cameo after a few episodes, but he actually does show up in the very last chapter.


In his sneakiest cameo yet, Stan Lee and his lovable mug are hiding on the right. It's hard to read the plaque under the frame, but we have to assume it's something like "Person Who You Most Wish Was Your Grandpa."