It takes a very creative mind to look for realism in the Pokemon universe. These are the artists who have taken fantastical nonsense creatures and contained them inside the pokeball of believability. Though the results can sometimes be a little upsetting...


Many of the artists here sell prints, offer commissions, or even have Patreon pages. We strongly suggest that if you see something you like, don't be shy about clicking the artists' names and supporting what they do. 



1. The Mysterious #151 by Karolina Twardosz



2. Chespin Evolutions by Rene Campbell

chespin art


3. Tentacool by Andrew Olson

tentacool pokemon art


4. Psyduck and Golduck by Alexandre Ka

psyduck golduck art


5. Reuniclus by Noud van Miltenburg



6. Lapras by Alysia Prosser

lapras lapras


7. Victreebell by Baltasar Vischi



8. Ampharos by Karolina Twardosz



9. Dugtrio by Mirko Failoni

dugtrio monster


10. Realistic Milotic by IEH