3. The animated acid trip that is Mind Game

mind game sex scene

We've spent a lot of time on scenes that will more than likely have made you question your life decisions, so let's step back a little.

Mind Game looks vastly different than most other anime you've seen. The art style, which changes several time within the movie itself, has a perceptible European influence. Mix that animation sensibility with the wild imagination anime is known for, and you get love scenes that start like this:

Lovers Myon and Nishi transform as they initiate relations, morphing in shape and color, like a dream you just can't pin down. Their lovemaking is interspersed with scenes of a rolling train. What phallic object this red-hot locomotive symbolizes is anyone's guess. 

The scene only gets more etherreal, as soon Myon and Nishi become awash in each other, and it becomes unclear as to where one begins and the other ends. 

Did I mention that they're doing it while inside a whale?

It's a bizarre and beautiful sequence in a movie full of bizarre and beautiful sequences. Unlike the other depravity in this article, Mind Game is indisputably a work of art made by a team with a real vision.

What, you didn't come here for high-falootin' expressions of the physical act of love? You're more into 1980s anime horror porn? If you insist.


2. Wicked City's hypersexual body horror

wicked city sex scene

If Mind Game is a wonderful dream, Wicked City is a waking nightmare. The worst stuff in the movie is not even fit for list of batshit anime sex scenes, but what we can show you is still pretty messed up. The story focuses on a world where demons live in secret in the human world, and a clandestine police force keeps the peace. It's sort of like Men in Black meets Paul Verhoeven meets, well, anime. 

What's the point of a sexy demon if she doesn't morph into a hideous monster at the exact wrong moment? The mid-coitus transformation was traumatic enough when it was just her arms and legs going all spindly and spidery, but then you see her gaping nethers

That dude should feel especially lucky to leave that encounter with his junk intact, because that penis flytrap loves nothing more than to munch on unsuspecting genitals. It goes without saying that her gynecologist was probably not so lucky.

Then there's the bit we foreshadowed above, in which a pervy old mystic is subsumed by a demon during sex

Don't you hate it when you try to grab a girl's boobs and you end up absorbed into her being, doomed to live out your days like that babyman in Total Recall? Or when a succubus opens her abdomen to reveal a squirting hellportal vagina?

That guy's expression says it all. The human race is well and truly fucked. Might as well see what's on the last page.