We're less than one year away from the Deadpool movie's release date on February 12, 2016, but only now do we get to see the suit. And boy, was it worth the wait


Right away, there's so much right about this costume. The full-on red look, the pouches and Deadpool face-belt are all pretty faithful to the comic. Especially interesting are the eyes, which seem to indicate that DP will be very expressive even with his mask on, which is definitely something the Spider-Man movies have been missing. 

And then of course, there's that pose. It's the perfect way to introduce Deadpool and his suit, and since it's Deadpool, you know it's referencing something


I know you have a lot of a lot of concerns about this photo, but Ryan Reynolds is here to lay them to rest. 



All this excitement really makes me want to watch that awesome test footage again.


February never seemed further away. 


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