DayZ has become a haven for the worst impulses in humanity - there are countless videos of psychopaths kidnapping/torturing random players, forming insane cults, and generally freaking the shit out of everyone. But, for once, we have an uplifting story.

Of course, it DOES begin with a player being kidnapped and tied up and held at gunpoint - but when the kidnappers tell the dude that all he needs to do to survive is sing them a song, the desperate dude rises to the occasion, with a beautiful rendition of the folk song "Hang Me, Oh Hang Me" - an appropriate song for a person about to be executed.

Make sure to start the video at around 3:30 - and see how long you can go without smiling.

If the song sounds a little familiar, it's because it was recently featured prominently in the Coen Bros. film Inside Llewyn Davis. However, the song seems a little bit more powerful when it takes place in a zombie apocalypse, by a man held at gunpoint by a group of murderous scavengers.