We are constantly amazed at how fans across the world can manage to translate Riot Games' outlandish League of Legends champion designs into real-life costumes. We assume it costs a lot of mana, as well as money, time, and meaningful relationships. The end result is a cosplay scene that's even more competitive than the actual game it's based on... and that is saying something.


1. Master Yi by Minus10GradCelsius

Photography by Sarah Michel


2. Reverse Tibbers by Thop Epic Nice Guy

undefinedPhotography by Florian Fromentin


3. Koi Nami by Néréide Cosplay 

Photography by Shashin Kaihi


4. Jayce by Jasper Sardonicus 

Photography by XenPhotos


5. Tryndamere by PortgasDAceXX 

Photography by AOJfoto.cat