And here it is - Adam Sandler's Pixels, a movie about a group of retro gamers who must battle aliens who are using retro videogames characters against us for some reason. On the one hand, neat! 3D pixel-y Donkey Kong and Pac-Man, wreaking havoc on New York City! And Peter Dinklage in a mullet!

On the other hand, literally every other aspect of the movie.


And hey, there's even an Easter egg in the trailer (at around the 1:37 mark)!


Going to leads you to...well, not an actual game, but at least a trailer for a game called Dojo Quest. Which doesn't look in the style of those retro arcade games at all! Movement is much too smooth, and it looks like at least 16-bit quality.

Compare this to Wreck-It Ralph's actual Fix-It Felix game, which was a pretty perfect recreation of the gameplay and graphical capabilities of the type of game they're aiming for.


For now, the best course of action is just to watch the original, Adam Sandler-less Pixels short film by Patrick Jean:

PIXELS by Patrick Jean from ONE MORE on Vimeo.

...or that one episode of Futurama with the Nintendu 64 aliens (thanks Corey!).