Everyone knows Rockstar Games went to painstaking lengths to recreate Los Angeles as the Los Santos of Grand Theft Auto V - minor details from landscape to specific buildings to the variety of radio stations available. But did they go farther than anyone had ever predicted? Did they even add racial bias to the cops of Los Santos - a way of mimicking the notorious racial politics of the LAPD?

The good ol' folks at The Game Theorists put the question (first posed by scudpunk - questioning whether the sole African-American main character, Franklin, was being unfairly persecuted) to the test - and the results were pretty surprising.

By playing as all three main characters - Caucasian Trevor and Michael and African-American Franklin - and consistently putting them all in similar situations to see if the police would behave differently, they were able to show a bias...against Franklin AND Trevor, depending on where in Los Santos you found yourself. The main takeaway seems to be that the poorer characters - Franklin and Trevor - were regularly harrassed, while the affluent Michael found himself being shot up by the LSPD far less often.

Still, it's hard to scientifically prove anything....except the cops in GTA V are total dicks.