4. The glorious legend of Trainwiz


by Trainwiz - Download 1Download 2

No article on batshit Skyrim mods would be complete without the works of the tyrannical Trainwiz, who is best known for his uncanny ability to imbue serious fantasy lands with whimsical locomotives. Like say, replacing the dragon models with trains from Shining Time Station.

Like the werechair, it's surprising that a) how much effort must have went into this idea and b) how little effort it seemed to take to implement. There's just something about these Thomas the Tank Engine characters gliding through the air, fire emanating from their motionless faces -- it's way funnier than it should be. 

And then there's Call of Trainwiz, which is uh, well...

It's hard to imagine a use-case scenario for a modded shout that makes trains rain from the sky like some sort of steam-powered apocalypse. Then again, you could say the same thing about this next one...


3. Cheese Wheel Armageddon


by Kingston3k - Download


The Cheese Storm Call is the third level of the Call of Madness shout; essentially it's Call of Trainwiz and the Staff of Cheese put together. Uttering the dragonwords summons fiery cheese wheels, which you rain down on your foes like a vengeful dairy god. 

Plus, when the cheese meteor shower is over, you get to pick up the cheese and eat it. Skyrim is so much better than real life.


2. Mudcrab mania


by Various - Download 1, Download 2, Download 3


Of all the random monsters in Skyrim, none have so captured the mod community's imagination like the mudcrab. While they're mostly harmless in the proper game, their bristling but impotent crustacean rage has inspired dozens of creators to lend the mudcrab a helping hand. One of the most popular is above, which classes up the mudcrab by giving him a tophat, a monocle and a smug sense of superiority.

Other mods give the mudcrabs more of a fighting chance by making them Alduin-sized monstrosities.

It's also pretty common to see mods that change the mudcrab model into something silly, like the Spy from Team Fortress 2.


Other mods utilize the crabs for new and terrible weaponry, like explosive rocket crabs

If you're at a loss as to which mudcrab mod to employ, then why not... this... guy...


Even better, you could replace all of the giant spiders with impossibly creepy Spider-Man models, plop them in Whiterun and make them fight a bunch of Zoidbergs.

A lot of the mods that include intellectual property owned by corporations are unavailable on legitimate sites, as lawyers tend to squash that shit like an angry giant protecting its mammoths. But if you're the type of person who wants to experience Bethesda's true vision, you'll find a way.