7. Macho Dragons


by FancyPantz - Download


Dragons are a big part of Skyrim, and naturally they became a bigger target for modders. One of the most revered (and strange) of these mods is Macho Dragons, which changes all dragons in the world into amorphous lizard hybrids of legendary wrestler and exuberant beef jerky pitchman Macho Man Randy Savage.

The best part of Macho Dragons is the generous use of voice samples from throughout Macho Man's storied career. I've GIF'd up every other mod for your convienence, but you absolutely need sound to truly know the greatness of this mod. I mean, just look what it does to the beginning of the game:

Even though Randy Savage left this mortal coil since the creation of this mod, he will live forever, snapping into the skies over Tamriel.


6. Death of the Arrow-in-the-Knee meme 


by toaDime - Download

The arrow in the knee meme got old pretty fast. Its' instananeous lameness was so potent that the meme somehow managed to travel back in time and become insufferable 18 months before Skyrim was even released. It all stemmed from the guards, who would repeatedly blurt one of their few key lines: "I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took an arrow in the knee..."

After the internet ran that phrase into the ground, hearing it in Skyrim proper is just aggravating. Even though they're programmed automatons, it feels like they're mocking you. It's enough to wish that anyone who made that reference would face swift retribution in the form of a fatal lightning strike.

Ohhh yes. If you've ever wanted to smite a chatty NPC who utters that damnable phrase but didn't want to bother with the sticky legal and ethical implications of "outright murder," Divine Punishment for Mentions of Arrows in the Knee is for you. Since it's an act of god, your bounty doesn't increase, so feel free to loot their corpses. They won't need those lockpicks where they're going.


5. ...Sonic?


Skyrim has seen tons of illigitimate licensed characters over the years, from Mario to well, you saw that Macho Man Randy Savage dragon, right? Even taking those into consideration, there might be none so infamous and so ill-fitted than Sonic the Hedgehog. Setting aside this particular mod's laughably bad character model, the real fun comes when Sonic starts running and the real blast processing kicks in. 

The gravelly sub-Master System music that starts up when you go all Wacky Inflatable Tube Man adds a nice extra layer. That, and the way your arms flop around when you punch things.

To be fair, this is all done tongue-in-cheek. You can get more accurate Sonic models in-game, but you should first understand what that actually looks like

Is this it? Is this what you wanted? Yeah, me too.