GTA V Heists - a feature of GTA Online that would allow you to form a crew and pull off, uh, heists - was promised long, long ago: really, it was supposed to launch alongside the release of GTA Online. Of course, the feature kept getting pushed back further and further...and further and further, until now. March 10th, 2015 - about a year and a half after it was initially supposed to come out - Heists have finally begun to arrive for XB1 and PS4 players (no word on PS3 or Xbox 360, sadly. Same with PC, although that's a bit of a different story).

Although before you get TOO pumped, keep a few things in mind: one, the download is pretty massive - about 4.75 GB according to reports. Also, if you wanna be a Heist Leader (and you KNOW you do), you need to be level 12, own a high-end apartment (for planning purposes), and have enough money to front the cost of the heist yourself.

After that? Wa-la! HEIST AWAY!


If you'd prefer to just WATCH someone experience the long-delayed glory of Heists, check out Twitch extraordinaire Towelliee's stream now:

Watch live video from Towelliee on www.twitch.tv