The guys at Hot Chocolate Party know your pain, Amiibo fans. Nintendo got us all pumped up over the little figurines that would be able to interact with Smash Bros., Mario Kart, and more - and then went and did their typical Nintendo thing of wildly under-delivering by making way way WAY less than what people wanted. Supply and demand, Nintendo - LEARN IT.

Here's the lyrics, if you wanna follow along with the frustration:

Every generation, there comes along an experience...that transcends the three dimensions of space. This...this isn't really one of those times.

Listen up now, girls and boys, it's time to make some noise
Cuz the boys are back, and are gonna rap all about some plastic toys
For the Super Smash Bros. sequel, so fun it should be illegal
Who needs real life amigos when you got pint-sized Amiibo??
Holy toledo, mannnnn, look at them Amiibo, mannnn
Fighting away while I get my ass kicked by Master Hand
Stand up, well done Nintendo, a collectible memento
What a legacy of NFC, now let the song crescendo

All across the world, it ain't hard to see
Why everybody's crazy for these figurines
It's like I'm living in a neverending dream
And the best part is availability
I can't wait to choose from their huge selection
Picking out specific ones I want would be perfection
It's the start of a fairly priced collection
Of perfectly good AMIIBO!

Alright, enough rapping about it, it's time to go do somethin' 'bout it
Gotta get another fighter for myself, take it home, make a shrine for it on my shelf
I think it's time to go outside, head down to my local Best Buy
Look at 'em side-by-side, marvel at their supply
Head to the Wii U section, and they're...sold out.

OK that kinda killed the energy, but now we're gonna
Check things out at Target which is way across town (ha-ha!)
Walk in the store like we owning the place
We head right over to the games and they're...nowhere to be found.

This guy is brilliant! Now we're on our way to Gamestop
They're guaranteed to have some cool exclusives in stock
We roll in, and it looks like they're ALSO OUT!

eBay, looking for affordable Amiibo
Type the one I'm looking for into the search bar and Eurek-O!
There he is, Little Mac, for just FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS?!