Being a regular participant in the 4chan message boards requires a thick skin, a lack of ego, and lots of dedication - which makes it a good breeding ground for massive community-built fan games. As we speak, 4chan's /vp/ board is making two concurrent Pokemon games - Pokemon Sage and Pokemon Clover.

While Pokemon Sage aims to be a fully new Pokemon game - with a new region, new gameplay mechanics, and a new Pokedex that mimics the style of of actual new Pokemon games, Pokemon Clover aims to be...well, something more along the lines of what you'd find in a 4chan Pokemon game.

Basically, this is a perfect way to represent the yin and yang of 4chan.


It should be noted that - while Sage sprung out of the wellspring that is /vpmagg/ - its team (comprised of 45 of its most passionate members) abandoned 4chan due to its (not exactly surprising) level of toxicity and hardheadedness. And if you'd like a more thorough rundown of this INCREDIBLY thorough Pokemon fan-game (seriously, LOOK AT HOW SPOT-ON THOSE STARTERS ARE), check out the official Sage wiki here. To give you a quick summary though:

  • Takes place in a new region known as Urobos, based on South America.
  • The world is filled with unique towns, locations, and all the other kinds of things you'd expect to find in a Pokemon region.
  • The new professor is named Mangrove and is already my favorite one ever.
  • There's a ridiculous amount of new moves, abilities, and more to make this really feel like it's own unique thing.

And if you're a brave enough soul to actually give it a go, you can download the demo here.


Now that that's done, here's the (much more 4chan-y), Pokemon Clover.

undefinedimages via pokepolls