If you're a little soured on Halo at the moment, it's not hard to understand - The Master Chief Collection has been a glitchy, busted experience since release, and the promise of being able to revisit all of the stellar multiplayer madness of series was lost to many.

But for those who have been playing through the patches, they've managed to squeeze out plenty of that old school Halo goodness - and one VERY skilled sniper managed the most insane snipe in recent memory. And it's totally on purpose. HOW'S IT FEEL TO GET NO-SCOPED, BRO?!

Per Lawrencce1:

Of course the kill was intentional!! I accurately predicted the spawn of the player after I killed him for the first time, knew exactly where he was positioned when he shot at me and therefore deliberately ricocheted the bullet of three surfaces to take him out, it was very simple really!

...That was a joke of course, I am well aware that this kill was probably the luckiest I've ever seen on Halo. I got the kill and initially thought that it was nothing more than a decent no-scope, but when I later reviewed the footage in theatre mode, it turns out that the bullet ricocheted THREE times before landing in the head of the opposition player. I know that I was incredibly fortunate and the only purpose of this video is to entertain, I am not professing to be anything more than a slightly-less-than-averagely skilled Halo player, I play the game for fun and for moments such as this one! Thanks very much for watching, hope you enjoyed!