The React Channel is back with another installment of their popular Elders React series. This time, the lovable old folks are playing Mario Kart 8. When they're introduced to the game, they're excited because it looks more innocent and fun than GTA and because that nice "Mario brother guy" is on the front. Little do these retirees know that with Mario Kart 8, all of the violence happens outside of the game after your friend nails you with another goddamn blue shell. We introduced Dorkly's own Julia Lepetit to Mario Kart in the office the other day and, though she is not an elder, she found the game "unforgiving."

I have to admit, when they paired off mustachioed Jamie-from-Mythbusters-lookalike Bill with pony-tailed poker man Hanoch, I squealed out of excitement.

Check out how the races go down and what elders sound like when they trashtalk each other.