Youtube vlogger, Stu in Tokyo, chronicles his life in the Japanese capital with funny weekly videos. In this week's video, he gives us a peek into what Monday through Saturday look like for a Tokyo salaryman. I think it's important to point out that Stu remains relatively upbeat throughout the week even though he slept for 35 hours and worked for 78. In case you're no good at math, that means he worked more than twice as many hours as he slept. Also, all he had for dinner one night was a bowl of granola, which is the depths of human misery.

Note: As he clarifies in the description for this video, Stu only had this work schedule during his company's busy season while a lot of the Japanese workforce maintains this schedule all year-round. So if you're wondering why Japanese game shows can get so wacky, maybe sleep deprivation is to blame.