On Feb. 27th, 2015, the world lost Leonard Nimoy to the stars above. While he will always be remembered for Mr. Spock, he was so much more than just that. And as evidence of how many he touched, there's been an outpouring of memories and tributes to this great figure in geekdom.


Players of Star Trek Online gathered on Vulcan to pay their respects to the greatest Vulcan of all:


via MrMorlonelycat


Artist AlectorFencer created this piece as a tribute to Nimoy, entitled "One With the Universe":



SyFy channel will be airing a marathon of Leonard Nimoy programming on March 1st (sadly, not including one of his biggest directorial successes, 3 Men and a Baby):


Former co-star William Shatner praised Nimoy - but sadly announced he would not be able to attend his funeral, do to prior obligations, so instead would honor him on Twitter:



George Takei took to Twitter to pay his respects as well:


As did Picard and Riker:



The latest Mr. Spock - Zachary Quinto - reminded us that there will only ever be one true Spock:


Simon Pegg - the new Scotty - felt the same:



President Obama released a statement, detailing what Nimoy meant to him and the world at large:



People reminded us that Nimoy was an animal lover:





NASA remembered one the greatest (fictional) space-goers ever - with a current astronaut giving the Vulcan salute from the final frontier:




Some tried to make us laugh through the tears:



Some just made simple tributes:




Some reminded us that Nimoy was much more than just Spock:






Some remembered how he inspired others:




Some remembered his contributions to the world of videogames:




And some tried to remember the joyful way he approached life:






But none of this comes close to honoring the man who was grandpa to every geek who felt his inspiration. LLAP