Back when they debuted in Mortal Kombat 3, brutalities were yet another way to humiliate your opponent after a battle. But instead of the elaborate spine-tingling finishers the series was known for, MK3 brutalities mostly involved a series of quick punches and kicks to the face, followed by a bloody explosion that included a ludicrous number of skulls and ribcages. 

Just revealed for the new Mortal Kombat X, 2015's brutalities are much sharper and quicker. They're not exactly as detailed or grisly as the proper Fatalities, but there's something about showering yourself in the blood of your enemy that is totally, well, brutal. 

According to developer NetherRealm, there are over 100 brutalities in the game, and many of them will have special conditions to unlock, like going the entire match without blocking. I'll do whatever it takes to pull off that super-crotch-punch.

Thanks to IGN for compiling all of this depravity.