After a lengthy delay (which is actually a good thing nowadays, since it means game companies occasionally WON'T rush a game out the gate full of bugs and glitches galore), Batman: Arkham Knight is finally nearing its release on June 2nd, 2015. In addition to new armor, finally getting full control of the Batmobile, and the return of Rocksteady as developer to the franchise (although the Rocksteady-less Arkham Origins was fine-ish), we know a bit more about the game: a bunch of Batman's enemies wanna beat him! Very original take.

Well, it's not like the intricate plotting is necessarily the best part of the Arkham franchise - the gameplay looks wonderful, the graphics lovely, and can we talk voice acting? Oh man, these games have some great voice acting.

  • Kevin "Motherf*cking" Conroy as Batman
  • Nolan "Hell Yeah" North as Penguin
  • Troy "Dear God Yes" Baker as Two-Face
  • Tara "F*ckin' A" Strong as Harley Quinn
  • Wally "(*fist pump*)" Wingert as The Riddler
  • and John "FRINGE AND LORD OF THE RINGS!" Noble as Scarecrow