In the speedrun community, the Mario games are the considered the holy grail, with gamers going to increasingly ludicrous lengths to prove their mastery of the games' most obscure (and often unintended) mechanics. It's these same people who create and share custom hacked ROMs to challenge themselves and other players. In this video, we see PangaeaPanga play through a custom series of levels created for his own "Item Abuse" series. Even trying to play these levels requires intimate knowledge of Super Mario World's quirks and an emulator capable of letting players control Mario at a frame-by-frame level. The project was started in 2009 and he claims that this final chapter took so long because even he himself couldn't beat it until several tweaks were made.


The video here is 8 minutes long and I was glued to my screen the whole time. It's incredible. 

(be sure to increase the video quality to witness the insanity in 60fps)


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